women in blue robe using grab bar in accessible shower

Grab bars should be installed in every bathroom. Everyone has had a close call stepping out of your bathtub. Bathrooms are slippery. Installing safety hand rails in strategic places in your bathroom will give you a greater sense of security and help prevent falls. Grab rails and Shower seats can offer a number of key benefits that make them worth the investment, and there are many stylish options available now.

The Benefits of Grab Bars

Install safety bars securely into reinforced walls in needed areas. Grab rails can help facilitate mobility in the bathroom, where crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs might be inconvenient. Consider these advantages:

Safety bars can help prevent serious injury

Slips and falls, especially in slippery bathrooms, can cause serious injuries. Bumps, bruises, broken bones or traumatic brain injury can be caused in a slip and fall accident. When you have grab bars installed, on the other hand, you have something to catch onto if you do start to slip and fall. Safety bars, unlike towel rods and other items in your bathroom, are unlikely to come crashing down with your weight as soon as you grab at them.

Improve independence

As your mobility decreases, you may struggle to sit down onto the toilet, or get up out of the bathtub without help. With grab bars installed you can increase your overall independence and continue doing things by yourself.

Increase comfort and stability.

Your balance may leave you feeling uncertain. With safety bars in place you can enjoy increased comfort and stability within your home, keeping you steady whether you want to take a shower or use the restroom in peace.

Beauty and Function

Even if you understand the benefits, you don’t want your bathroom to look institutional. After all, you’ve put a lot of love into its design over the years. Fortunately, grab bars…

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